This is not your typical Amish singing video. What we see here is something called the Sail & Sing Christian Cruise. It’s a tour company based out of New Holland, PA.

So what are Amish doing on a cruise ship, you might be wondering?

For those who wish to visit Europe (or anywhere overseas), ship travel is the only option sanctioned by many Amish churches (one exception – New Order Amish permit flying).

Touring places in Switzerland, Germany and other countries important to Anabaptist history is popular with some Amish, so a cruise ship would be one way to get across the ocean. The company actually provides tours to a number of destinations. From their Facebook page:

Since our first cruise in 2012, we’ve been blessed to help thousands of folks experience God’s creation through a Christian cruise experience. Whether we’re sailing through the breathtaking Fjords of Alaska, enjoying the picturesque multicolored waters of the Caribbean, or sailing through the ancient Mediterranean, you’ll be blessed with Christian concerts, inspiring speakers, and encouraging fellowship.

And my first thought here was that they are in transit to or from Europe. However, looking at the Facebook page from this time, this appears to be a cruise around the Caribbean.

The video dates to early February 2020, which I’ll assume is about when it was filmed – so these voyagers likely got their trip in before travel restrictions hit.

I must admit I’ve never seen a singing like this before. Richard Miller, who uploaded the video, says that this is “Over 700 Amish and Mennonites singing German and English hymns”.

He adds that the singing was all in a private area of the ship, except for one night when it was public for all to enjoy. I see mostly Midwestern prayer coverings (except for what looks like one Lancaster covering); Miller says that the travelers “come from all kinds of different communities.” Enjoy:

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