A reader sends in the following set of photos, of an improvised vehicle in northern Indiana.  I guess we could call this an Amish go-kart.


“It was quite a custom job,’ he explains.  “The steering wheel was fabricated of round steel stock powered by a Honda engine with a drive belt to the rear axle. Whoever assembled it was quite creative.  I have no idea what the steering linkage is.”


Both the vehicle’s dimensions and eyewitness reports suggest that the driver is on the wee side.


This isn’t the only go-kart type vehicle in the area.  Our photographer adds:  “There is a youth who lives [nearby] who drives a wagon go-cart.  It’s basically a little red pull wagon that he mounted an engine on and uses a pull handle to steer.  It looks awkward to drive, but we’ve seen him using it several times.”

Amish or English, fellas like things that go fast.

Caption This


While we’re on the topic of engines, this photo was taken outside of an Amish-owned engine shop.  Bold birds, I say.  Your captions welcome.

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