amish population sizeThe new Amish population estimates are out for 2021 via the Young Center at Elizabethtown College. We’ll have some posts related to this coming up, including from Joe Donnermeyer of Ohio State University. In the meantime you can find the tables and map here. Some quick facts from the latest figures:

  • The estimated total Amish population is 361,635
  • There are no new states, provinces or countries to add to the list this year
  • A total of 19 new settlements were founded in the past year, with two communities ceasing to exist, making it a net gain of 17 settlements
  • With this gain there are now a total of 608 separate settlements
  • There are now 2,719 church districts (a church district typically consists of 20-40 families; though churches in young settlements may be much smaller)

You can read some analysis and background on the figures here, and view the population change tables for 2000-2021 here.

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