We recently looked again at Amish women’s occupations in the post 5 Jobs Done By Amish Women. In that post, commenter “Along 340” shared a personal list of 12 further examples of Amish women’s occupations which I felt deserved a post of its own.

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By the way, some of you may recognize “340” as the most famous road in Lancaster County Amish Country, also known as the Old Philadelphia Pike. It passes through a heavily-Amish area, including the towns of Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand. That gives you an idea where this commenter is from.

Along 340 writes: “I’ve spent a lot of time living in Amish Country in the PA 340 Area. Amish ladies hold many different kinds of jobs. Some common and some quite unique. These are some I came across.”

12 More Jobs Done By Amish Women

And here’s the list. Some of these repeat or overlap. At the same time #12 actually lists several jobs:

  1. Working in Amish fabric shops.
  2. Wait staff in local restaurants.
  3. Making pretzels.
  4. Making baked goods to sell from home.
  5. Making homemade cheese to sell at market.
  6. An elderly Amish lady makes big Amish clothesline wheels and distribution was PA, OH and Indiana!
  7. A young Amish mom makes homemade baby formula for fussy babies or moms who can’t breast feed.
  8. An Amish couple makes and sells wooden game boards for a popular Amish game.
  9. Another young Amish mom makes and sells Gluten Free baked goods in her home bakery.
  10. A young Amish mom makes custom sized coverings from her home sewing shop and young Amish women line up early in the morning for her beautiful coverings boxed up in a white bakery box.
  11. There is always plenty of food to be made for auctions and markets and Amish ladies fill these orders.
  12. Let’s not forget that Amish ladies really enjoy getting together to sew, have Tupperware parties, sell Essential Oils and other gatherings where they can market their wares.

This list further illustrates the range of money-making occupations Amish women have. You may know of others not on this list.

I’m pretty sure options are more varied in a large and entrepreneurial community like Lancaster County, than they would be in a small isolated settlement.

Along 340 adds: “Come to think of it, of the many Amish ladies I know of various ages and stages in life… they all work in one way or another.”

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