How Do Amish Celebrate Christmas?

In this new video I share 5 ways Amish celebrate Christmas (based on Rebecca Miller’s guest post of several years ago), plus additional Amish Christmas-related observations and info, including from my recent trip to Amish in Kentucky and Ohio.

I also discuss an additional holiday related to Christmas which you may or may not have heard of, and which many Amish observe. Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy. Runtime: 10:43.


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    1. Romain S.

      In Alsace too

      In Alsace and Moselle, St. Stephen’s Day (December 26) is also a holiday, but the rest of France does not have this holiday. In Germany and in some Swiss cantons this day is also a holiday, as well as in Italy and Ireland I think.

      Erik, you didn’t forget to post a certain topic? 😉