Here are some of the things I saw yesterday visiting Amish communities in Kentucky. I made it to four different settlements, stopped in a couple of stores, and met some nice people. Kentucky is increasingly loaded with Amish settlements (around 50 of them) and it seems like wherever you are, you’re a stone’s throw from some sort of  Amish community.

My first stop yesterday. They were selling firewood. This is one of the plainer Amish groups (Troyer Amish). Very nice folks, I spoke for a while with the father and son.

Their hefty but extra-friendly German Shepherd, Trooper.

The sign that caught my eye.

Looks like somebody put some “artwork” on this nearby buggy sign.

Laundry day.

A dog and his sheep.

Is this a barn-raising, temporarily paused? No one was around.

This device helps spread the heat from the stove around the shop. This is from inside Miller’s Discount Grocery in the Hillsboro, KY community. The metal heats up causing the fan to spin and blow the air out, distributing it. I saw one of these in a bent-n-dent in Colorado last week as well.

Bulk Food sign with a phone shanty beneath it. Unfortunately this place was closed by the time I arrived.

The sun sets at the end of the shortest day of the year, but a beautiful one in this corner of the Bluegrass State. Not sure whose truck that is.

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