So yes, I couldn’t resist calling this week’s home an “English Amish” home. Not because it has some English (ie, non-Amish) origins, but because it’s located in the tiny Amish community at English, Indiana (Crawford County).

Though I’ve never made the trip to visit, this settlement has been on my radar, so to speak, for awhile. The community was founded in 2008 but has not grown very much – only a single church district which is not close to “full-size”. Some years ago I included it in a post on favorite Amish place names. And here’s an article from 2008 on this community’s founding.

A reader sends this current listing along so a hat-tip goes out to her. The home is currently for sale (“Pending”) along with a sizeable (98 acres) tract of farmland.

Here’s the description. It’s not explicitly described as “Amish” but several details suggest that (and which the photos confirm):

Welcome to this 7-bedroom 1 bath 98 Acre farm. Prime cattle and horse pastureland. Enter the Foyer/mudroom leading into the breathtaking immense kitchen, dining, and living room area. Open concept is the definition of this home with hard wood flooring and natural lighting throughout.

Electric hookup @ the road. Master bedroom, Bathroom, and office/den are located on the main level. Upstairs you have access to the other sizeable 6 bedrooms. Natural water is plentiful on the farm supplied by an 18 to 20 ft insulated well over 100 years old. Strategically provides a consistent water source for livestock and other amenities throughout each section of the farm all year long.

Property also has a pond approx. 120 ft wide & 225 ft long, stocked with bass & bluegill. 36×80 building is insulated with concrete flooring. Horse barn is approx. 36×80 with 6 stalls & a 20×80 attached lean to. Another barn is approx. 40×120 with gravel flooring and insulated ceiling. Call today!

This listing has a ton of well-done photos and they show a beautiful property. Some of these property listings just have a few shots, but not this one. I’ve picked out a few highlights to share below.

Entry area.

Laundry room area.

Some views of the kitchen. Notice the lighting hanging on the left. First time I’ve seen a line suspended like that from the fuel tank. Usually that’s a metal pole that stands without being hung, often built into a cabinet on wheels.

Those are oil lamp holders flanking the sink.

This is a family of about 10 to 12 I would say, going by the kitchen table.

I can’t make out the lettering on the stove.

Living room. The sofa/daybed? on right stands out as unusual to me.

Beautiful flooring. Two Singer sewing machine bases.

A little office area in one corner.

Most of the rooms seem to be boys’ rooms. And like in many Amish families, hunting appears to be a favorite pastime here.

That looks like a crossbow on the right. And ice hockey stick, skates and gear in the corner.

This looks like the parents’ bedroom. The bedrooms downstairs have a more unfinished look than the upstairs in general. Beautiful bed.

Back outside, we see some of the buildings. There is a woodworking operation in one of them.

And some sort of machine shop or manufacturing in another.

Being Indiana, you’re apt to see basketball hoops. The state’s Amish are true Hoosiers in this sense as well. This home has not one but two hoops. Given that this family seems to have a lot of boys, that would make sense. The spacious barn here comes in handy for this.

Here we see the family’s buggies.

As mentioned, there are a lot of photos (over 80 total), so visit the listing link above to see more, if you like. So the home here has 3200 square feet of livable area. Seven bedrooms and one bathroom. And of course, 98 acres of farmland. What’s the asking price?

The property is listed at $450,000, and is being handled by Becky Higgins of RE/MAX.

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