This Amish Farmhouse & 63-Acre Dairy Is Being Sold Today (29 Photos)

Reader Jerry brought to my attention a silent auction concluding today in Millersburg, PA, of an Amish-owned organic dairy farm. They’ve provided quite a few photos from inside the home, and of the property, which you can see below. These are some of the better photos I’ve seen of an Amish home and property.

Jerry writes that “These Amish are a spin off of the Lancaster group. Very progressive.” Millersburg is in Dauphin County, a community of 12 church districts. It’s also known as the Lykens Valley settlement. The reason given for the sale is that “Owner is relocating and motivated to sell.”

Some details from the auction listing:

Property Description: 63 Acre, Certified Organic Dairy Farm with large 6 bedroom house, 54 Tie Stall Dairy Barn, Large Horse Barn, Dry Cow area, 2- silos (1-16’ x 65’ & 1- 12’ x 60’), 40’ x 60’ Free Stall Barn, 40’ x 60’ Equipment Building, garage, large pond, pastures, ready to go.

Notes: Rare opportunity to buy a certified organic dairy farm ready to go, located in a Very desirable location and setting. Farm is in great condition and ready to go. Farm has been in operations as recently as December 2020. Owner is relocating and motivated to sell.

It’s a very neat and clean home and true to Jerry’s comment you can see various notes suggesting this is a more materially progressive Amish group. What catches your eye here?

Entering the home:


Living room:


One of the bathrooms:

Another, with view of church benches:

From the basement:

Other spaces:

The bidding closes at 12pm today. So someone may already be the new owner by the time you read this.

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    2. Aj

      I drove through though eastern portions of the Lancaster Amish settlement today. It was interesting to see how far the Amish community has extended south since the last time I was there. To was the perfect day to survey the extent of the southern edge of the Lancaster settlement because a lot of Amish were attending church. From what I could tell, the community’s south-Eastern extent was Elk township in Chester and this stretched into Maryland a few miles north of North East, MD and westwards to Rising Sun, MD. I drove up to Gordonville and Quarryville also. I think the Amish around Gordonville is more conservative than around the more tourist areas near Paradise.

      1. I’ve been hearing settlement has been getting fairly thick in the area of Maryland you describe, to the point that some thought it might be a completely separate settlement. But looking into it I don’t think that’s the case.

    3. I am deeply impressed and happy, that you are with us ...

      Dear Amish people,

      thank you very much in advance for your answer. My name is Tom Landon, my wife and I founded and maintain a wonderful area with our five children in the Lower Austrian Alpine foothills at 850 meters above sea level, which we named and still call the “Eden Project”. Due to the fact that the existing 14,000 square meters are gradually not enough for us, we are looking for a new area for our ultra-orthodox Christian family, rather a large and secluded piece of land with houses and meadows, forests and possibly water in the USA. Unfortunately, I saw the purchase offer on this page too late, otherwise I would have loved to bid and ideally have bought. You are all very welcome to publish on my platform – preserve our planet, to describe your wonderful living conditions and also to depict them graphically, i.e. with photos. I would consider myself lucky to get in touch with you and ideally to create a lasting connection. Many Thanks. May God the Father bless and keep you all. Sincerely … Tom Landon