Favorite Posts of 2022 (And one piece of news)

Another year comes to a close. I hope yours was a good one. I’ll finish up 2022 with what I usually do – a look back at some favorite posts of the soon-to-conclude year. “Favorite” means well-commented or just generally liked by you (or me). I’ve listed these in no particular order, other than chronologically.

Adams County, Indiana. Photo by Jim Halverson

And, one piece of news: I have been working for some time on a website redesign which I am excited about. I believe that it will make this site more user-friendly (among other things, larger photos & cleaner layout), but keeping the same content and other elements that people enjoy. So stay tuned for that coming soon.

Happy New Year and all best in 2023.

Favorite Amish America posts – 2022

Three Gifts from an Amish Family (Video)
Some Amish Celebrate Old Christmas Today
The “Secret” To Well-behaved Amish Children
On Several Occasions, Amish Have Called Georgia Home

From an Amish store in Virginia. Hoppin’ good

5 Things I Almost Always Get At Amish Stores
3 Ways Amish Keep Food Cold
Sam E. Miller on Leaving the Amish
Amishman walks away from high-speed collision; “Had an angel riding with him”
Is it REALLY Amish? (Video)
Are the Amish hypocrites?
Visiting An Amish Community For The First Time (Video)
Inside an Amish “Barn Home” (17 Photos)

Shopping trip with Amish friends in Pennsylvania

Taking Amish Friends Shopping (4 Lancaster County Stores)
20 Images From Lancaster County
The North Carolina Swartzentruber Amish Community Has Grown (15 Images)
5 Reasons Why Amish Don’t Like High Gas Prices, Either

Kicking up dust in NC’s Swartzentruber Amish community

Inside A Very Plain Ontario Amish Home (26 Photos)
Another day in the life of an Amish mother
Inside an Amish Buggy (How it works – Video)
Visiting a Kansas Amish community (21 Photos)
Visiting The Most Conservative Amish (One thing to keep in mind)
New Amish Youth Game: Spikeball

Opening the glove compartment of an Amish buggy

How to Eat a Meal in an Amish Home (2 Ways)
Amish Population 2022: Amish Call New Mexico Home
My 5 Favorite Amish Communities To Visit
An “Amish Megalopolis”?
Ben Explains: How I Choose A Horse (Video)

Amish youth playing spikeball. Photo by Jerry in PA

Feel-Good Story: Amish Teen Gets New Lease On Life
Where do the names “Amish” and “Mennonite” come from?
Judy Stavisky on In Plain View: The Daily Lives of Amish Women (Book Giveaway)
3 Mistakes We Make About The Amish
“Why are the Amish using plastic packaging? I am so disappointed.”
Amish Now Live In This New State (Video)
Look Inside The Graber Home (Video & Post)

At an auction in Clare, Michigan. Photo by Jim Halverson

Are these Amish women wearing rings?
“How can we make our lives as hard as possible and still survive?”
Surprise, No Surprise: Some Amish Ignoring Ohio Buggy Light Law
Remarkable Video: INSIDE an Amish Building Move

Inside an Amish barn move in New York

3 Reasons Why Amish Don’t Want You To Join Them
“Facebook on Paper”: A Closer Look at The Budget Newspaper
Amish Benefit Dinner: How much food is needed?
On-Camera Interview with Amishman Joseph Yoder (Part 1)

Illinois Amishman Joseph Yoder discusses his community in an interview for news station WCIA

On-Camera Interview with Amishman Joseph Yoder (Part 2)
Q & A with Amish Artist Christy Otto (Book Giveaway)
My Five Favorite Amish Desserts (Video)
Inside An Abandoned Amish School

A drawing by Amish artist Christy Otto

10 Views From the Berne, Indiana Amish Community
5 Reasons Why People Leave the Amish
Two Reasons Why Amish Limit Education (Schooling)
Goot Essa Cheese: Q & A and Gift Basket Giveaway
A Surprising Visit To an Amish Furniture Store (Video)

Inside a Mennonite bakery in Pennsylvania

Horse Bolts With Amish Baby In Buggy; Found 2 Hours Later
Opening Christmas Gifts from Amish Friends (Video)
Visiting a Mennonite Market (21 Photos)
Visiting a Mennonite Bakery (16 Photos)


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