A Surprising Visit To an Amish Furniture Store (Video)

This is the video from my visit to Four Mile Furniture in Jackson County, Ohio. Owners Emery and Rachel Miller operate the store. When I stopped in, Emery was on his way out, but Rachel was able to give me a tour of the store.

The visit was peppered with a number of surprises and unexpected things, which you’ll see in this video. They don’t make furniture here, but rather sell it retail. They get the furniture from a number of Amish suppliers, including in Holmes County and northern Indiana. It’s a longer video and towards the end Rachel shares some about the community and how their business got started. Great tour and you can tell Rachel enjoys what she does.

This is a smaller lesser-known community, but if you’re in striking distance I think it makes a nice little community to visit (as mentioned in the video, I couldn’t make it to the apparently quite-popular bakery, unfortunately). I also stopped in at a pleasant food store here (this video is actually from last December; with the Christmas atmosphere I thought it would be great to save it until now). Runtime: 15:20.

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    1. David M Hill


      I’m somewhat surprised by all the stuff labeled AMISH these days. It’s for the most part just a gimmick to sell the ordinary as something special to outsiders. For example. There is NO such thing as Amish furniture. Not unless you’re simply saying an item is AMISH because you purchased it from somebody practicing the faith. There is no definitive AMISH style. Period.

      1. June