As promised, following the look inside a plain Mennonite market, let’s check out the bakery. As you might recall this was found just next door to the market in the Snyder County, PA Stauffer Mennonite community (Port Trevorton area). We were met by the aroma of what I thought was apple cobbler as we exited the market, and promptly located the bakery entrance. This ended up being one of the best bakeries I’ve ever visited.

The place wasn’t huge inside but it was filled up with many varieties of baked (and other) treats.

The place has a refrigerated section when you enter.

I’m told this is very good butter.

Also by the entrance are a number of boxed treats – lots of squares in this pile.

I ended up leaving with two excellent treats – pecan pie squares (a new one for me) and some top-notch granola squares (tasting more like cookies chock full of nuts and the like than granola to me). I ended up giving most of these away

Entering the bakery’s main area.

Mennonite women bustled behind the counter, likely preparing Christmas orders as this was just a little over a week before the big day.

Many pies and breads. One I hadn’t seen before is called pizza bread. You can see it at the bottom of these two photos.

Here are two sweet breads.

Applesauce Raisin Bread!

This fruitcake is just chock full of pecans and candied fruits, etc. One of the most loaded fruitcakes I’ve come across. I got one of these as well.

Prices in the store were great too. Just four dollars for each box of six dessert squares. In Lancaster County I feel like they might be twice that.

Sadly, this visit was cut a bit short by our need to return to Lancaster County.

That evening we were helping serve at one of Ben’s sons Christmas banquet (local businesses among the Amish do Christmas dinners for their employees).

We made it in time but I’m glad I made this impulse stop. This little bakery (and market) in Snyder County’s Stauffer Mennonite community is now on my radar!

Amish-made cheese

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