Three Gifts from an Amish Family (Video)

Just before Christmas, I stopped at the home of an Amish family in Kentucky who I’d never met before. The family had been suggested to me by reader Al in KY, who noted that the woman living there was a scribe for the Budget. He suggested I could stop by and ask for recommendations of Amish stores in the community to visit, which I thought was a good idea.

So after a puzzled look and a bit of explanation, I ended up getting invited into the house by the woman’s husband for a nice visit. I met their family of seven children, and unexpectedly, they made sure I left with three presents (along with a tip on a nearby store to visit). I made a video about the experience, showing you what they gave me. These are all foods, but I won’t give away more than that 🙂 Runtime: 5:37


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    1. Debra L Clarke

      Three Gifts from an Amish Family

      Mail that jar of bacon to me and I’ll eat it!

      1. Haha, I’m hearing from a lot of people enthusiastic about this jar of bacon, the jar itself is not beautiful but no matter, what’s inside does look tasty. Some on the YouTube video are saying that bacon is not supposed to be canned (I don’t know anything about it), though I see it is already cooked of course. Either way I think I’d fry it up a bit first.

    2. Jerry L

      Canned Bacon

      What a wonderful story. I don’t know about the canned bacon but it does sound very interesting and I would love to try some. I had some older friends who passed several years ago that raised hogs and would can their sausage. Let me say “Nothing Better”. It was the best tasting sausage you ever ate and I can only imagine the bacon being the same. They canned other parts of the hog but the sausage stands out the best in my memory. Go ahead and open it and enjoy it and let us know how it was.

      1. I’m planning to. I can agree on the hog meat. Friends in PA would feed theirs organic heirloom tomatoes. Not sure if that affected the flavor of the meat.

    3. Richard J. Traunero


      We’ve had similar experiences, both in Holmes County, Ohio, and Lancaster County, Penn. “Cold call” visits based on friends’recommendations. Once the Amish make a mutual connection, you are “in.” We have made many Amish friends this way. Good stuff.

    4. Canned meats

      I currently live near an Amish community; and I know they can/preserve just about everything. They kill most of the roosters in the fall and that tastes good, too. I also grew up in a very rural area and my grandmother and aunts all canned sausage and other meats, pork, turkey & deer. Sausage was our favorite and it sure made for a quick meal when company arrived unexpectedly for lunch or supper. No, we didn’t have a phone, so company came when they had the time and normally came unexpected; but were always welcome. We also made canned pie fillings. There is nothing better than canned sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy unless it is a quick baked pie or two to fill everyone up good before bedtime.

      1. I could really go for that meal you describe in the last line! Biscuits and gravy is the clincher for me. I don’t eat it a lot as I don’t have the farmer’s activity level to burn off those calories, but it is one of my favorites.