Ben Explains: How I Choose A Horse (Video)

This is the second part of the Q&A I did with my friend Ben in Lancaster County in June (here’s the first part, on Amish & auctions).

In this one, Ben describes how he buys buggy horses for his family – what characteristics he looks for in a horse, where he buys them, and price.

He also explains how different family members get different kinds of horses (for example, as he says in the video, “my sons don’t want to drive a horse like I would like to drive”). Runtime: 2:52.

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    1. Bruce Storey

      It’s a Small World

      I know Ben R. as well. I know his son even better. You couldn’t have picked a finer family to have as friends in Lancaster County

      Were you able to see his son, Johnny, in action at Mel’s auction? He’s so fun to watch!

      1. Bruce it is a small world. And I can’t disagree. We did see him, really enjoyed it!

    2. Lydia Good


      We had a horse named Silver. He was beautiful and so gentle. Mom and I used to drive up to Intercourse to see Grandmother. When I was 4, Mom couldn’t find me one day and I was out in the barn on Silver’s back. I loved that horse. My brother had a horse named Great Ma. She was the exact opposite of Silver. Very spirited and flew down the road. After Silver died, my Dad bought Tony. Tony was a quarter horse with a unique coat. Imagine an Amishman driving down the road with a spotted horse. I loved Tony too, and although he threw me off a few times, we were friends. Ben’s dad would have known about Tony.