Opening Christmas Gifts from Amish Friends (Video)

I just got back from a very Christmas-y week in Lancaster County. Christmas is in the air everywhere, even though it was warmish with not a ton of frozen precipitation (except for one morning).

Amish families have been doing late-in-the-game shopping for Christmas presents, just like non-Amish people are this week, and some have already been having family get-togethers.

While there, I attended two early Amish Christmas dinners – one as a guest of Amish friends and another as a helper (mainly dishwasher 🙂 ) at the company dinner for a friend’s son. I ate well there too however and had a great time.

My friends generously included me in the gift-giving and sent me home with some goodies. So I had the idea to put together a little video on Amish Christmas presents.

In this video I share the presents I received, and also some of the ones that Amish friends exchanged. I end by sharing the dinner menu for one of the dinners. Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy. Runtime: 6:15

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    1. Guest

      That's some good Amish Christmas Swag!

      How interesting about the battery powered heated coat. It’s good they’ve adopted this technology,you sure can’t heat up a jacket with fire! Not very long anyway. I am glad someone is very warm in that jacket. I enjoyed watching that, very entertaining!

    2. Maureen New York North Country

      Merry Christmas!


      Thank you for Amish America.

      Every article, post, and video is so interesting and thought provoking. I compare the Amish all over the country to the Plain Amish in Central and North Country in New York State, thanks to what you teach us. Always lots to learn and think about.

      Love all the photos several of your readers are good enough to share with us.

      Merry Christmas!

      Maureen New York

    3. Melanie

      Sand Tarts

      The thin cookies with the sprinkles are sand tarts. I used to make them with a friend who loved them. They are laborious, since you have to roll the dough so thin, then cut them out and try to get them to the cookie sheet without tearing them. Sweet and crispy though. I’ve only seen them in Lancaster. Hope you enjoyed your goodies! Merry Christmas!