I just got back from a very Christmas-y week in Lancaster County. Christmas is in the air everywhere, even though it was warmish with not a ton of frozen precipitation (except for one morning).

Amish families have been doing late-in-the-game shopping for Christmas presents, just like non-Amish people are this week, and some have already been having family get-togethers.

While there, I attended two early Christmas dinners – one as a guest of Amish friends and another as a helper (mainly dishwasher 🙂 ) at the company dinner for a friend’s son. I ate well there too however and had a great time.

My friends generously included me in the gift-giving and sent me home with some goodies. So I had the idea to put together a little video on Amish Christmas presents.

In this video I share the presents I received, and also some of the ones that Amish friends exchanged. I end by sharing the dinner menu for one of the dinners. Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy. Runtime: 6:15

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