In this video I explain why Amish don’t want – or maybe the better word is “need” – outsiders to join them.

The Amish are not a group which seeks converts. That said, some churches are more seeker-friendly.

For anyone considering joining the Amish, it’s always good to know what you are getting into. Most people who express that interest (online at least) are not serious about it, and are doing so because they have personal problems or are frustrated with something in their lives, and/or romanticize what they think is the Amish way of things.

But there is a small percentage of such people which I would say are good candidates to become Amish. Those tend to be the people who have or manage to develop a good understanding of what Amish life is all about.

The basis of that is Christianity, and the Amish believe in a lived faith. The cultural and lifestyle aspects that everyone talks about are part of it, but are not the vehicle to get one to heaven (although some Amish might feel that it helps).

People who approach Amish life thinking it is an “alternate lifestyle” or a way to live green or off-the-grid or to locate themselves in a community of “perfect people” inevitably will end up disappointed.

Runtime: 2:54.

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