In the video below I explain two main reasons why Amish restrict their children’s schooling to eight grades. If you’d prefer to read this in post form, you can do that here.

Some additional things to know about Amish & schooling:

  • Amish school teachers are usually young women in the community (though some men do teach, perhaps around 10%)
  • Not all Amish attend one-room schoolhouses; public schooling is common in some of the larger settlements in particular
  • Amish schooling can vary between groups. Some groups use archaic textbooks; others a more up-to-date curriculum
  • In some states Amish children are required to attend school until age 15. In these cases they’ll attend classes once per week until reaching that age
  • Amish value the ability to have control over what and how their children learn, and thus take schooling seriously in order to preserve this arrangement

Video runtime: 3:47.

Amish-made cheese

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