I’ve zoomed in below on a few chunks of this superb panorama photo shared by reader Mike Atnip (you might recall his previous panorama of the Meadow Mill School Auction).

Mike describes this photo as “Lining up for the pony parade at New Bedford, Ohio.”

The 15-minute parade, which you can see includes many Amish children as well as adults helping out, is part of the area’s annual Merchant Days.


New Bedford is a tiny little place (“all of about two blocks long” as Mike describes it) on the border of Holmes and Coshocton counties, a heavily-Amish area in the state’s largest settlement.

Merchant Days is “a way for the town to draw in some extra business. Several of the small towns in the area do something similar every year.”

Mike notes that other attractions “include sale prices, drawings for free prizes, raffles to support charity causes, garage sales, an auction, and (in the last few years) volleyball and corn toss games.”

And what’s to eat? Says Mike: “in the midst of it all are the food stands, many times set up by the local Amish schools to make a few bucks in support of the school.”

A closer look

Here are the zoomed-in shots (I’ve chunked the panorama into four pieces). I like how you can see all the little interactions and wonder what’s going on in each one.

The children expectantly waiting for the start, a bored-looking dad looking maybe wishing he was somewhere hunting, girls chatting about who knows what, an Amishman with a microphone directing something out of the shot.

What do you notice?





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