I put together a video on my five favorite Amish communities to visit. In total I’ve been to around 70 Amish communities, many of them multiple times. These are my favorites to return to.

I won’t give away the communities here, but I can say that one is in Ohio, two are in Pennsylvania, one in Virginia, and one in Tennessee.

Okay, okay, I’ll give them away here 🙂 But check out the video for more images and more on why I enjoy each. Here are my favorite five:

  1. Holmes County, Ohio – the second-largest Amish settlement is home to the widest variety of Amish groups, from very plain to progressive. Friendly community, beautiful scenery, and a nice pace of life.
  2. Ethridge, Tennessee – A Southern Amish settlement of the plainest Amish group (Swartzentruber). Many, many small shops and porchfront sellers of produce, candles, furniture, rugs, baked goods, and lots of other fun things. Good one if you like stopping at Amish places and seeing what they have for sale
  3. Big Valley, Pennsylvania – White buggies, black buggies, and yellow buggies in a beautiful 30-mile-long valley
  4. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – the oldest and largest Amish settlement. I often stay with Amish friends here.
  5. Burke’s Garden, Virginia – A small Amish community tucked away in a very isolated and unusual valley in a corner of Virginia. Getting there is half the fun.

Video below, runtime 7:09. Which are your favorite communities to visit?

Amish-made cheese

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