I collected some images from the recent week I spent in Lancaster County. Presented with some comments below, I hope you enjoy. First, a few signs.

Eggs 4 Sale.

Amish Road. And yes, Amish people live on it. There is also an Amishtown Road in the county.

This motel is located in Denver. Maybe you didn’t know Denver is in Pennsylvania. This photo combines two of my US travel/geography favorites – places sharing names with other much larger and better-known places (eg, Mexico, Missouri or Berlin, Ohio). And old-timey/kitschy signs.

This is a nice market stand on Route 10, south of Honey Brook in Chester County.

This sign at the Route 10 market directs customers to additional parking.

This scooter was parked around the side. It looks like it’s been around the block, so to speak.

Pies for sale inside the market. Peach, cherry, blueberry. They had shoofly as well.

Amish taxi service ad at the store counter.

And this is an Amish market stand & greenhouse just down the road from Elizabethtown College. Amish families have moved into that western end of Lancaster County over the past decade-plus.

They sell produce, canned goods, and of course plants.

I tried some of their root beer.

I like the simple glass bottles.

A couple of shots from the Amish conference at Elizabethtown College. These are both from a talk by Rachel E. Stein, on how Amish have experienced previous outbreaks of disease. Good presentation.

Amish in Pennsylvania were among those affected by a 1988 measles outbreak.

This Amishman looked to be returning home from a milk run. Leaving the town of Intercourse.

This bouquet was hand-picked by my friend to give to his wife (also a friend).

Overcast day but what a view.

Ever had Amish peanut butter-flavored popcorn? I’ll have a video coming filmed inside this Amish-owned business. Let’s just say I didn’t know you could make popcorn in so many flavors.

Roadside cemetery. Very simple headstones.

Finally, a buggy heads west on Route 340, which is the road passing through well-known towns in the heart of Amish Country like Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand.

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