Visiting An Amish Community For The First Time (Video)

I have written a lot about visiting new Amish communities (new for me, that is) over the years. And so this past December when on a trip through Kentucky, Virginia and Ohio, I filmed what it is like for me when I go to a new community. As I’ve written before, I usually just try to find Amish businesses and start from there. That’s what I recommend people do, and what I do myself, especially if I have no other contact in the area. Visit an Amish business, strike up a conversation, buy something while you’re there. Good fun.

But how to find the businesses? There are a few ways – sometimes you may have word of them in advance, such as a recommendation. But more often, I just drive to the community and look for the tell-tale signs – in other words, “Amish-looking” signs and names of businesses that appear to be Amish.

Amish business signs in Clark, MO. Image: Don Burke

In this case, I visited the community of Beaver, Ohio (Jackson County), and happened to notice an Amish bulk foods store listed in Google Maps. But it wasn’t quite as easy as that, as I show in the video. In the video I give you a look around this community and also note something about it that kind of surprised me. I knew next to nothing about this settlement before I visited, which is often how I prefer it. I hope you enjoy. Runtime: 9:03.


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