My Five Favorite Amish Desserts (Video)

I run through my five favorite Amish sweet treats in this video. I am calling them “desserts” in the post title, but I guess one or two of them might not be technically desserts, though it’s arguable 🙂 I also share two that I’m not so fond of.

What are your favorite Amish desserts, baked goods, sweet treats? Let us know in the comments. And if you want to know mine, you can check out the video here. Runtime: 4:30.

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    1. Joseph Frey

      Amish sweets

      Here in central PA we have numerous Amish shops and swap meet venders that sell just about all the baked goods that you could buy commercially. I agree on the whoopie pies… unless its the monster cookie whoopie pie. The Purple Martin Bakery in Belleville, PA has just about every flavor of fry pie imaginable and the raisin flavor is my favorite. Also on the note of putting the shoo-fly pie in a bowl with milk is very familiar as when I would eat breakfast with my Mennonite neighbors growing up, after eating a bowl of cereal they would always put a piece of cake or pie into the leftover milk and let it soak up the remaining milk prior to eating it. And tho not a sweet, but the Amish have to make the best soft pretzels I have ever had!

      1. Joseph now there you go throwing me a curveball – whoopie pie, monster cookie edition. I would at least try it!

        Thanks for putting the Purple Martin Bakery on my radar. Not only is it a great name, it sounds like Fry Pie Central.

    2. Amish Crack!

      We love the Amish Crack! i.e., cinnamon caramel doughnuts from Rise N Roll Bakery near Shipshewana, Indiana… If you google “Amish Crack,” that’s what you’ll find online, which is so funny to me.

      1. Have heard of that one but never tried it – must be powerful stuff with a name like that. I’m assuming R n R doesn’t use the name in their marketing though:)

    3. Linda Chapman May

      Miller’s Bakery

      I enjoy the fry pies at Miller’s Bakery. I always visit Miller’s Bakery when I visit my Amish friends in Mount Hope, Ohio. I have to take pies home to Louisiana.

    4. Column

      I love reading and watching your videos, you always make your topics so interesting, can’t wait for your next ones. My favorite is the fry pies.

    5. Favorite amish desserts

      I think I’d love the fry pie resembles a apple turnover. Only food product i found at Wal-Mart out west is amish potato salad and so delious. .

    6. Al in Ky

      My favorite is date pudding/date cake.

      1. Interesting one, I’ve never been too fond of dates but I’d try the pudding at least. I don’t think I’ve ever had it

        1. Al in Ky

          I’m wondering if date pudding is more of a Midwestern Amish dessert. I’ve eaten it in the Arthur, Ill., settlement as well as the Elkhart/LaGrange settlement. Here is a short description from the Amish 365 blog:

          “Date pudding is very popular as a dessert in many Amish communities, especially as the warm days of summer begin to unfold. Date pudding is a summer treat in many Amish settlements. It’s an enduring Amish food mystery for me because dates (middle eastern) have no real roots or cultural culinary commonality with the Amish. But this dish turns up again and again at Amish events and in Amish cookbooks.”