Inside an Amish Buggy (How it works – Video)

While in Lancaster County last month, I had the chance to film inside the buggy of a friend’s son (16 years old). He helpfully explained the controls and other elements of the buggy (useful for an English non-buggy-driver) so I could better explain them to you. In this video I give you a look at what all the knobs and other things in the buggy do.

I also show you:

  • Where the buggy’s power source is kept
  • Lighting, including a type of lighting which you’re much more likely to find in a youth buggy
  • Another thing you won’t find in an adult’s carriage
  • Cool window feature
  • What’s in the glove compartment
  • A hidden control

And more. You can check it all out here. Runtime: 8:38.

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    1. Robert E Ball

      no sound

      the sound does not work with your videos should try to fix and resend/

    2. David Hill


      Lancaster Pa. is an area of extremely wealthy Amish who are very progressive. They are close to the majority of Old Order Amish practices. My wife and I lived in a very large Missouri settlement North of Columbia back in the early 80s. Buggies consisted on a seat or seats. Some were open and others closed. No fancy dash. No interior lights. The only light allowed was an outside oil lamp with red reflector. Batteries for anything were not allowed. Windshields. Not allowed. Now that’s an Old Order Amish buggy. Although I do know restrictions vary on about everything from settlement to settlement.

    3. Kelly

      Important, but not about buggies . . .

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      I sent money to an address from this website for a paper catalog.
      Yesterday, I got my money back with a note that read: “Shetler’s
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    4. Great video

      It was wonderful to get to see inside a buggy and how it operates. Thank you. I was a bit disturbed at how flimsy it seems though. No wonder they have so little protection in accidents 🙁

    5. Sunflower

      Amish Buggy

      Eric I love this video! That buggy is beautiful- the dashboard looks like a desk because of the style and woodwork. I also can see that young men are the same whether Amish or not- same stuff inside that my son has in his Chevy- Bluetooth speaker and snacks! My favorite thing though is the cup holder. Did this young man build the inside himself?