As we close the books on the last day of 2015, it’s always nice to take a look back at the previous 365.

Every year has its ups and downs. I hope yours was overall a good one, and that 2016 is only better.

Here on the blog, I’ve collected some favorite posts from the previous year. In this case “favorite” means either highly-viewed, highly-commented, or simply ones that I liked 🙂

If you’re a reader who’s joined us during 2015–or if you’ve been around and just missed one of these–I hope this will let you easily catch up on some of our best posts and discussions.

In previous years I’ve organized this by month or season. This time around, I’m listing posts in 9 topical categories, as you’ll see below–from Amish communities to family life to “fun stuff“.

Amish America has been around since 2006, and every year has been rewarding for me in its own way. Thanks to all of you for another great one!


Amish Communities

5 Friendliest Amish Communities
Visiting an Amish “Ghost Town”
The Amish of Somerset County, Pennsylvania
The Amish at Garnett, Kansas
5 Surprising Places Amish Once Lived
Lancaster County: From Snow To Thaw (44 Photos)
The Atypical Amish Community at Unity, Maine
A Visit To The Amish At Burke’s Garden, Virginia
5 Southern Amish Communities
The Amish In Idaho
Thanksgiving With The Amish At Clark, Missouri
Amish Life In Shipshewana (Video)
2015 Amish Population Numbers


Faith & Beliefs

Short Documentary “An Amish Man” (Video)
5 Things You See At An Amish Church Service
Five Trees Memorialize Nickel Mines Girls
In Meiner Jugend: A Devotional Reader
Anne’s Sermon
How Amish Youth Prepare For Baptism
What Happens At An Amish Communion Service?
20 Faith Statements Of The Amish
Ministering To Those In Need
16 Photos From Sunday Morning in Jamesport, MO
Miracles Still Happen
Amish Converts In Maryland


Family Life

Braiding Amish Girls’ Hair
The Amish Dress Code
5 Ways Amish Women Are Different
The Very Human Amish Family
5 Amish Parenting Tips
7 Days Of Recipes From An Amish Kitchen
Color In Amish Quilts
5 Unconventional Amish Health Practices
23 Ways To “Live Amish”


News Stories

Massive Maryland Amish Barn Explosion (Video)
Ohio Amish Girl Reported Cancer-Free
40 Years Of Driving The Amish
NY Amish Fear Prison Over SMV Triangle 
Amish Boy Killed Chasing Wind-Blown Hat
Horse Manure Conflict In Northern Indiana


Amish Homes

5 Common Features In Amish Homes
Look Inside An Ohio Amish Home
5 Outdated Technologies Amish Still Use
5 Surprising Items Found In Amish Homes
Look Inside A New York Amish Farmhouse
5 Things Decorating The Walls Of Amish Homes
The 5 Hardest Things About Living With The Amish


Non-Old Order Amish

A Visit To The Desbarats, Ontario Old Order Mennonites
Hutterite Clothing
“Church Amish” Quilting In The 1940s
What Is Communal Life Like For Hutterites?


Issues & Questions

Are Amish Children Happier?
Are The Amish Environmentally Minded?
Do Amish People Really Work Harder?
Ask An Amish Person (Part 1)
Ask An Amish Person (Part 2)


Amish Business

5 Amish Businesses You Should Visit
The Beeville, Texas Amish School Auction
5 Places Where Amish People Shop
18 Photos From A Nebraska Amish Auction (Milroy, PA)
Comparing “Amish Affluence” In Two Communities
The Gratz, PA Fire Company Sale


Fun Stuff

An Amish Buggy Does Snow Donuts (Video)
5 Favorite Amish Foods
The Amish “Name Game”
Counting 1-10 in PA Dutch (Video)
Which Is The Best Amish Baked Good?
Youth Snowball Fight (10 Photos)
A “Plain” Smoke Alarm

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