Earlier this year we had a look inside an Ohio Amish home, photos of which had been posted to a realtor’s website. Though it’s not especially common, Amish homes are sometimes listed online, to reach potential buyers beyond the local Amish community.

clymer-home-interior-smallYou can currently view another Amish-owned home on the market in the Clymer, New York community.

According to the listing on Zillow, this is an eight-bedroom, three-bath home priced at $145,000 (cut by $5,000 two weeks ago), which has been listed on the site for 177 days.

It occurred to me that listing online might also be an option for those who are outside the church (shunning generally precludes church members from doing business with the excommunicated person), though I have no info on why this home is up for sale.

You can get a nice look at the exterior and interior of the home, with 17 photos available at Zillow. I’ve shared several of them below, including shots of the kitchen, bathroom, and living area. What do you notice about this traditional Amish farm home?


















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