Here on the final day of 2014, I thought it would be a nice cap on the year to share links to favorites of the past 365 days.

Below you’ll find those posts which got a lot of comments or otherwise good response from you, plus some of my personal favorites.

Wherever you are today, I hope your year went as well as it could have–and that 2015 will only be better.

Finally, a special thanks to all of you for your comments, emails, words of encouragement, and valued contributions to this site. You are a big part of what keeps this job fun and keeps Amish America humming 🙂

Winter 2014


A look at the Holmes County Amish community in winter (39 photos)

A review of PBS’s film The Amish: Shunned and your thoughts on the film

A peek at the winemaking process in a New York Swartzentruber Amish community

Is it best to “bloom where you’re planted” or seek different pastures?

How do Amish review the unwritten Ordnung? An Amishman responds


“Almost Amish” enforces copyright, stops sales of “Light in the Valley” quilt

A look at the Amish practice of writing circle letters

Household items of Amish in Adams County, IN


An explanation of and interesting facts about Amish affiliations

Waaaay off the beaten path. A glimpse of Amish in Hutchinson County, South Dakota. Plus more photos of the settlement

A visit to the Amish of Kalona, Iowa (32 photos)

Amish in NC put up a barn workshop and equipment shed

Spring 2014


Two videos of Amish people picking up and moving a barn

How did the Amish get into deer farming?

A police officer in PA goes undercover as an Amish woman to catch a criminal

Why do criminals target the Amish?

One Amish family’s creative re-use of a calendar page


On artists among the Amish

NY Amish say “No thank you” to a planned casino (and the October follow-up)

Can you guess where these 3 Amish community photos were taken?  Plus, the answer key

13 Money Tips from the Amish

Look inside a Tennessee Amish pantry

Look inside an unusual Amish leather business

Who owns Amish community goods?


Ruminating on Amish jams

Rich Stevick answers your Amish youth questions

Why do Amish leave their communities?

Bench wagon graffiti

Summer 2014


The 2014 Amish Population Infographic

Are these Amish bank advertisements funny or offensive?

A look at a $9,861 Amish buggy


Visiting the Amish at Arthur, IL (24 photos)

Anne visits her Amish convert son in Minnesota, and explains why “we are wimps!”

The time the Amish showed up on MacGyver


Time-lapse video showing an Amish barn raising in 200 seconds

Audio interviews with an Amish bishop, young man, and the Shipshewana town marshall from Jim Cates’ Serving the Amish website

Donald Kraybill notes on the Bergholz hate-crimes reversals

The Rudy Gingerich moving sale in Hazleton, IA (19 photos)

Autumn 2014


My visit to the Amish of Union Grove, NC (32 photos)

Who makes Amish kick scooters?

Amish of Salem, Arkansas

The top 10 Amish-population states


A 27+ book Amish reading list

Amish writer Loren Beachy answers your questions, part 1 and 2

Amish in the mountains of Giles County, VA

The inside scoop on Amish taxi-driving, from two Debbies


Not An Outhouse: David Arment’s look at Amish phone shacks

PA Dutch kitchen terms quiz, parts 1 and 2, from Mark Curtis

4 “Amish Health Habits”

Amish scholars sing for the Ohio legislature (video)

Excerpts from 1001 Questions & Answers on the Christian Life (part 1 and 2)

Image credits: Kenton buggy: Steve took it/flickr; Bicycling couple: ShipshewanaIndiana; Autumn buggy: Shawn

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