It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on the Amish auction scene.

Reader Jerry, a regular sale-goer, shares photos from the Gratz Fire Company Sale. This one took place May 1st and 2nd in Gratz, Pennsylvania.

gratz-pennsylvania-mapThis is not located in Lancaster County, but the Dauphin County community are Lancaster-origin people, as you can see by the buggies and dress in the photos below.

The settlement is technically located in both Dauphin and Schuylkill counties, and also goes by the name “Lykens Valley.” A sizeable community at eight church districts, founded 1978.

Proceeds from this sale benefited two institutions: Gratz Fire Company, and the Amish Schools of Eastern Lykens Valley. The sale website says that they “will have over 8000 people pass through our gates.” Sounds pretty well-attended.

Jerry’s photos and commentary follow below.

The quilts.


The craft building.


The antiques.

The buggies.


Rows and rows of stuff.

The mud. You can’t have a mud sale without MUD.

More rows of stuff.

The beautiful plants.

The food tent where a canoe becomes a salad bar.

The Amish children love the “Candy Store”. They all walk around with candy treats. These events are very special for the children. It’s like a major outing and many are amazed at everything going on.

“On the fence”

The people who bring the horses to the auction test drive each one so the people who need a buggy horse can see how each performs. The buyers take notes on which they like.

Beautiful lumber. I bought all three stacks for my personal hobby of hand making furniture. I use a lot of hand crafting much like if not more than the Amish themselves do.


The outdoor furniture selection.

This gelding sold for $6700.00. I thought that was way too much. Some others sold for around $3000 and some where not sold because they did not bring what the owners wanted. They said that they would bring much more in Lancaster County.

Courting teens always play volleyball. I’ve seen this activity in over half of the mud sales events.

This quilt sold for $275. The horses sold very high and I thought the quilts sold too low. The quilts at this sale were some of the best I’ve seen. Some auctions have ugly quilts but not here. I examined the workmanship and these quilts were excellent.


Thanks to Jerry for the photos. If you’d like to attend a PA auction, you can find a list of Lancaster County mud sales here (there are still five or six events on the calendar, including this Saturday). The Clinic for Special Children also has five auctions planned, beginning in June in Union County (that schedule is here).

Amish-made cheese

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