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Would you like to hear an Amish person explain his faith and lifestyle in his own words?

Amish Man On Bicycle Indiana

In the short film “An Amish Man”, Dennis Hochstetler does just that, discussing family, technology, separation from the world, and other Amish beliefs.

Dennis Hochstetler

He also describes his business and work as owner of Rentown Cabinets.

The 10-minute film was created by Philip Bloom in the Nappanee, Indiana community.

Nappanee Country Road

There are some beautiful shots from around the community, as well as footage from inside Dennis’s shop.

Amish Buggy Passing Subway Restaurant

Some quotes from Dennis:

  • “The Amish lifestyle is a choice. We call it a lifestyle because it’s not a religion.”
  • “If we’re here as a pilgrim traveling through this world for a better land, then the less earthly possessions we cling to the better off we are.”
  • “We have a lot of contact with [the English]. It’s inevitable, we have to have contact with the world…banking, groceries, Wal-Mart, you name it, we go there.”
  • “It’s tough to find a balance, even in our society.”

Watch the video in full:

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