Amish Cook Gloria Yoder‘s editor Kevin Williams has filled in on her column this week for an unfortunate reason: Gloria was involved in a serious accident on the road. But this wasn’t a buggy accident, as you might be thinking. Kevin describes what happened:

I wanted to reach out to readers this week in place of Gloria.

Gloria and two of her children were involved in a car accident last week. I am happy to report that they are OK, just shaken up and bruised up a bit.

Another passenger, a woman who goes to Gloria’s church, suffered some broken bones.

While Gloria’s church is a horse-and-buggy church, it is not uncommon to hire non-Amish drivers for errands into town. Gloria called it a miracle no one was killed and it does sound like a serious car wreck. Gloria will fill you in more on it.

So it sounds like they were in an Amish taxi running some errands when it happened. As Kevin points out, this is not uncommon. For that matter, some Amish people log more miles on the road than you might expect, especially if they have work that takes them far from home (construction and market stands being two examples).

I’ve never met Gloria, but have had the impression that she is a warm and kind individual who loves to hear from her readers. I join others in wishing her well. As Kevin points out, car accidents can “shake you up mentally and physically.” If you’d like to send Gloria a card, here is the address:

Gloria Yoder
10510 E 350th Ave
Flat Rock, IL 62427

“I know hearing from you would give her a lift,” Kevin writes.

Photo credit: Ed C.

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