Amish Barn Explodes in Southern Maryland Fire (Video)

An Amish-owned barn burned yesterday, in the sizeable St Mary’s County community in southern Maryland.

Fifty-eight local firefighters were aided by 50 to 70 Amish in putting out the blaze.

What’s remarkable is the explosion that is caught in this video, when a fuel tank in the structure ignited. You can see the massive explosion about eight seconds in, along with footage of the men scattering away from the fire.

No injuries were reported. One cause of barn fires is when hay is stored at a high moisture level.

I expect that work will start on clearing debris and constructing a new barn before long. Apparently, a few days ago a home burned in this community as well, and plans are to rebuild it this coming weekend.

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    1. Mark - Holmes Co.

      That’s quite a sight! Wow… no wonder they ran!

      1. I was surprised by the size of the explosion. Just seemed to keep going. It is a little surprising no one was hurt.

    2. KimH

      Sounds like that community could sure use some prayers~ Its a wonder no one was injured.

    3. Ruth

      Financial help

      Could they use some financial help to replace the home, furniture, barn, livestock and hay lost?

    4. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      Was it ever reported what the original cause of the fire that sparked the explosion was?

      1. I did not see any detail in the reports I read. Perhaps it was moisture in the silage.

    5. Alice Mary

      How ironic…high moisture level causing a fire. I truly have learned a lot since I started reading this blog!

      I hope all goes well with the barn raising. I wouldn’t mind seeing some photos of that!

      Alice Mary