Have you ever tried to “live like the Amish?” There have been quite a few books and articles written on the subject.

amish-laundry-line-tn-faustIt’s easy to see why. In a hectic, disjointed world, many of us crave things we see in Amish society. Things like strong community, life oriented around nature, and less dependence on technology, to name a few.

Of course, you can’t truly live like the Amish….unless you actually are Amish. That means accepting both the responsibilities and benefits that come with a religious commitment to the Amish church community.

On the other hand, anyone can adopt certain aspects of Amish life in their own lives.

The authors of a piece at rural living website Grit have listed 23 such things they feel are typical of Amish life. Below, the full list (the authors elaborate on each one at the article).

Which of these do you do? Or do you “live Amish” in some way not listed here?

23 Ways Outsiders Can Live Like The Amish

  1. First and foremost … Have faith.
  2. Learning to let things be what they are.
  3. Be frugal.
  4. Family.
  5. Community.
  6. Grow your own food.
  7. Preserve your own food.
  8. Eat naturally.
  9. Learn how to sew.
  10. Learn crafts that you can sell.
  11. Use the Bible as your guidebook through life.
  12. Have gratitude.
  13. Bloom where you’re planted.
  14. Teach future generations.
  15. Leave a small carbon footprint.
  16. Don’t get caught up in the worldly things.
  17. Live a simple life.
  18. Be welcoming to others.
  19. Be a keeper of the home.
  20. Share your bounty with others/don’t be greedy.
  21. Respect the elders.
  22. Work hard, but have fun.
  23. Live for today.

Read the full article by Lee Ann and Alexandrea Perez with explanations of each point here.

Image credit: Adair Faust

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