This 3-minute video from Voice of America News is a nice general look at Amish/Anabaptist life as well as the Shipshewana, Indiana area, home to America’s third-largest Amish population.

The meat of the video is an interview with Alvin Miller, member of a local Amish Mennonite church who grew up Old Order, discussing the Amish and related groups:

A few interesting points made in the video:

  • Anabaptists can “shop around” to find their spiritual niche in lesser or more conservative churches
  • Local benefit auctions supporting Haiti relief, Habitat for Humanity, and ARC raised $1 million+ last year
  • Amish and English came together in 1965 to help rebuild Shipshewana following a tornado which “leveled the town”
  • Miller feels one reason his faith is growing, is “because it only works if the members really love and care for each other”

Amish-made cheese

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