Reader Ashley recently alerted me to photos of what can only be an Amish-owned home in the Belle Center, Ohio community.

Kitchen in Amish Home (small)This home is up for sale, and you can see over two dozen photos of it at the realtor’s listing here (Update: photos no longer online, but we’ve posted some of them below).

We’ve seen a few photos from a Belle Center Amish home before, courtesy of our friend Mark Curtis, a member of the community.

Mark has given us a look at a ceiling lamp in his home, the entry sink common in most Amish homes, a perpetual calendar, and his musical clock.

In the shots shared by the realtor (see below and at the link), you have a good look at most of the rooms of the house.

Ashley writes “It’s a very beautiful home. But it’s interesting because you can definitely see the differences from most non-Amish homes.”

What differences (or similarities) do you notice?

Update: If you’re wondering why you see a phone in one of the photos, a single telephone without answering machine is permitted in this New Order Amish settlement. Not typical for most Amish, but another example of Amish diversity. Cell phones are not permitted here.

Amish Home Photos

The exterior:
Belle Center Home for Sale

In the kitchen:
Kitchen in Amish Home

Another view of the kitchen:
Kitchen Alternate View

The living area:
Living Area Belle Center Amish

Living area, opposite view:
Living Room Belle Center Amish

Amish Home Bedroom Ohio

Amish Bathroom Interior Ohio

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