Today, the second half of the Pennsylvania Dutch kitchen terms quiz we started on Tuesday. If you missed it you’ll find the first 12 words here, and answer key for the original 12 here. All words courtesy of Mark Curtis of the Belle Center, Ohio Amish community.

Donut BowlSome of you used knowledge of German to figure the first batch out. Mary Miller noted that two terms of the original 12 are not used among Indiana Amish. I don’t speak the dialect, but I do know that words and manner of speaking can vary, for instance, between Amish in Lancaster County and the Midwest.

For what it’s worth, I guessed three out of this batch correctly –  #14, 17, and 23. You PA Dutch speakers out there ought to do a lot better than that 🙂 Again, these are all words that have something to do with the kitchen, food, or cooking.

13. tsonga
14. kessel
15. brote kuab
16. cha
17. millich
18. raum
19. mehl
20. ab butz lumba
21. safe
22. shonk
23. grundbearah schtomper
24. oiyah
25. nis

Image credit: katber/flickr

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