Too often, we hear stories of criminals seeking out Amish victims. Their crimes include:

Amish Robbery Ethridge TN

Easy target? A buggy travels a busy highway near Ethridge, Tennessee. Photo by Adair Faust

Last Thursday, Amish once again fell prey to wrongdoers, this time in Lawrence County, Tennessee.

One woman has been captured, and two more suspects are being sought, following what sounds like a busy night for local police.

From The Columbia Daily Herald:

Deputies responded to the area of Waterfork Road, where an Amish man was the victim of an armed robbery, according to the release. Around the same time, an Amish man was forced off the road by a motor vehicle. He was considered the victim of a hit and run, according to police.

Later a third Amish man was the victim of another armed robbery. The suspect vehicle in this incident matched the description of the vehicle in the earlier robbery.

Why do criminals target the Amish?

Possible reasons include:

  • Amish are safer targets.  No personal-protection handguns to worry about
  • Less tech (limited access to phones, cars) makes reaching police harder
  • A belief they won’t involve authorities

Can you think of any other?

The principle of non-resistance guides Amish life. And all things considered, they are less apt than most to call on law enforcement.

But stories like this, and the recent “undercover Amish” case, show that Amish will aid police to catch criminals.

What do you think?

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