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Don Burke has been on a tour of Amish settlements in the South and Midwest. These are his photos and account of the small community at Salem, Arkansas (Fulton County), one of only two Amish settlements in the Natural State. You can view more photos at Don’s Arkansas Amish Flickr album.

Nestled in the Ozarks of north-central Arkansas, within a dozen miles of the Missouri state line, is the little community of Salem.

After spending some length of time scouting the northern part of the state with his father and brother (Mose M. and Amos, respectively), Vernon Borntreger moved his family here from McKenzie, TN in December of 2008.

Arkansas Amish Farm

Vernon and family now operate Riverside Produce, seen here:

Amish Produce Arkansas

The next year Mose and Amos also brought their families to the area. The three families each built on 30-50 acre tracts on either side the Southfork Spring River north of Salem.

As you can see, this modest stream plays prominently in the naming of the various Amish home businesses.

Riverview General Store Salem Arkansas

This log-cabin-style house is where Mose and his wife live:

Amish Home Salem Arkansas

Mose has a harness shop (photo below), and it would seem that Mary Ellen runs the Cozy Cabin homemade baked goods store right next to their home.

Amish Harness Shop Arkansas

In 2010 the John Shelter family moved into the community from LaPlata, MO, and started a saw mill business:

Shetler's Custom Sawing

Later that same year the Levi Borntrager family moved in along the river (am I the only one hearing the old song, “Shall We Gather at the River” playing in my head? (ha)), and established a farm and woodworking shop:

Riverbank Woodworks

Levi’s son, LeRoy, lives next to his dad’s place in a combination home/store that serves as the community’s bulk food and variety store. And yes, it too is with a stone’s throw of the river.

Salem Arkansas Amish Bulk Food

This is the phone shanty near the store. As for the canoes, I’m not sure if they are rented them out, or are just for personal use by the family.

Canoes AR

Here are some other pictures taken in this small community of about 10 families (according to the 2012 Central Plains Directory).

Amish Fulton County Arkansas


Clothesline Amish Arkansas


Whoa Sign


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