It’s been awhile since the last “Name that Amish community” quiz, so I thought it’d be a good time to bring it back. This time to add to the fun, we have a prize.

Below you’ll find three photos from three different Amish settlements. Your task is to guess where each was taken (in which community, not just the state). In addition to the clues you’ll find in the photos themselves, I’m giving you four more hints:


  1. The photos were taken in three different states.
  2. None of these communities is larger than 15 church districts in size (as of September 2013).
  3. You can drive from community #1 to #2 to #3 without having to go through any other states in-between.
  4. One of these communities was founded in the 1960s, and two were founded in the 1980s.

Check the JAPAS settlement article for community sizes and founding dates I’m going by.

If someone is able to get all three, I’m offering a prize: a one-year subscription to Family Life magazine (If you’re one of the photographers, please don’t reveal the location of your photo here. If you’re able to guess the other two, email me and I’ll have a separate prize for you).

First winning entry (all three communities correct) in the comments section below gets the prize. Three tries allowed per person. The contest ends on Monday at the end of the day (midnight EST).

The challenge with these quizzes is choosing photos which are guessable, but not too easy. These might seem challenging at first look, but I have a feeling someone will be able to figure this out 🙂









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