Name that Amish Community (& Win 1 Year of Family Life)

It’s been awhile since the last “Name that Amish community” quiz, so I thought it’d be a good time to bring it back. This time to add to the fun, we have a prize.

Below you’ll find three photos from three different Amish settlements. Your task is to guess where each was taken (in which community, not just the state). In addition to the clues you’ll find in the photos themselves, I’m giving you four more hints:


  1. The photos were taken in three different states.
  2. None of these communities is larger than 15 church districts in size (as of September 2013).
  3. You can drive from community #1 to #2 to #3 without having to go through any other states in-between.
  4. One of these communities was founded in the 1960s, and two were founded in the 1980s.

Check the JAPAS settlement article for community sizes and founding dates I’m going by.

If someone is able to get all three, I’m offering a prize: a one-year subscription to Family Life magazine (If you’re one of the photographers, please don’t reveal the location of your photo here. If you’re able to guess the other two, email me and I’ll have a separate prize for you).

First winning entry (all three communities correct) in the comments section below gets the prize. Three tries allowed per person. The contest ends on Monday at the end of the day (midnight EST).

The challenge with these quizzes is choosing photos which are guessable, but not too easy. These might seem challenging at first look, but I have a feeling someone will be able to figure this out 🙂


Amish Community Quiz Photo One



Amish Community Quiz Photo Two



Amish Community Quiz Photo Three

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    1. Robin Wyatt

      Name the Amish Community

      Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

    2. Name That Amish Community

      Kentucky is the first one
      Next one New York
      Next one Illinois

      1. If it was unclear above, we need the community location (eg, Holmes County) not just the state name 🙂

    3. Janina

      Great quiz to wake my brain up on this sunny Friday afternoon!

      Just a wild guess here:

      Ohio > Peoli/Port Washington (Guernsey & Tuscarawas Counties)
      Pennsylvania > Spartansburg (Crawford, Erie & Warren Counties)
      Kentucky > Munfordville/Horse Cave (Grayson & Hart Counties)

      Can’t find a lot of clues in the pictures, so I just puzzled a bit with the extra information given. The plain buggies without any reflectors etc. makes me guess it’s a Schwarzentruber community so that explains my Ohio guess. For Kentucky I just followed the comment that was already given as it sounded convinced of Kentucky. 🙂 And my third guess would then be Pennsylvania, also because the first picture makes me think of PA – especially the horse & buggy image on the sign on the shop. You probably get these a lot in Amish communities, but I’ve only been in PA. 🙂
      Oh, and my Kentucky guess is based on the number of church districts, as they have 14. If the clue is ‘no more than 15’, I figured at least one would be close to this number and the others were not even 10.

      Probably over-thinking it, but at least I was entertained with the puzzle! 🙂

      1. Janina

        I’m going to change my Pennsylvania guess, as I realise I can’t have two that have been founded in the 60s!

        My new guess:
        Ohio > Peoli/Port Washington (Guernsey & Tuscarawas Counties)
        Pennsylvania > Clintonville/Harrisville (Venango County)
        Kentucky > Munfordville/Horse Cave (Grayson & Hart Counties)

    4. Nicky Smith

      Name the Amish Community

      Manton, McBain and Rosebush Michigan.

    5. Cindy Elliott

      Pincraft, Florida is the first

      Marion, Kentucky is the second – no triangles

      Holmes County, Ohio is the third

      1. Cindy Elliott

        Whoops, that should be Pinecraft,Fiorida for the first one!

    6. Emily

      1. Salem, IN-“Swiss” community
      2. Peoli/Port Washington, OH-Swartzentruber community
      3. Homer, MI

    7. pictures

      blanchard mi

    8. Loretta

      Pinecraft, Fl.
      Marion-Matoon Ky area
      Arthur, Il.

    9. Linda

      I am going to take a wild stab at number 3 being Clare, Michigan, because with the tents it looks like an event. That license plate may be just a tricky visitor. And your link says Clare has 4 church districts, and was founded in 1981.

    10. New York State of Mind

      I am going to take a guess, too.

      I believe the first is Pinecraft,Florida. The second Penn Yann, Yates County, New York as, to me, it looks like the Haiti Auction last summer. I have no idea of the third, but I will guess Kentucky, Grayson County simply because my Mom was born in that state. Great logic, anyway.

    11. Char N.

      1. Carrollton, OH
      2. Woodhull/Jasper, NY
      3. Smicksburg, PA

    12. Tom Geist


      Remember Clue #3…

      You can drive from community #1 to #2 to #3 without having to go through any other states in-between.

      1. These states are connected to one another (clue #3)

        That is a good point to keep in mind–3 different states, one community in each state, and each state is connected to the next by a shared border. Thanks for reminding Tom.

        Looking at the answers so far I see there are some folks on the right track here 🙂

        I’ll just add the following: you’ll find important clues in the signage in 2 of the photos (#1 and #3). Google is your friend 🙂

        Once you establish #1 and #3, you should have a better idea on the community in photo #2, which lies between the other two.

    13. verna miller

      #1 Middlefeild Oh #2 Shipshewana Ind #3 Holmes co Oh

    14. Al in Ky

      1. Vevay, Indiana
      2. Peoli, Ohio
      3. Clare, Michigan

    15. Sheryl Lynn

      ky, indiana, ohio

      ky, indiana, ohio

    16. Janina

      My final guess:

      #1 Kentucky, Munfordville / Horsecave (Grayson & Hart counties)
      #2 Ohio, Peoli
      #3 Pensylvania, Linesville (Crawford county)

    17. PICTURES


    18. Linda

      Picture #2 must be some type of Swiss Amish with open buggies. I would guess Indiana, either Salem formed in 1981, or Vevay, founded in 1987.

      Picture #3 from Clare, MI, Horse Progress Days.

    19. Getting close...

      Some good guesses from you all, no one has gotten it right yet…but as an extra clue, 2 of the 3 communities have been named here on this page already.

      And Janina I know you made 3 tries already, but if you like you are welcome to take another guess, since I decided to give some extra hints here.

    20. Janina

      Okay, one more guess! But I must say they are just wild guesses cause I’m not certain about any of them… 🙂

      #1 Pennsylvania, Williamsport (1985)
      #2 Ohio, Peoli (1969 – and sticking to this one as it has 14 church districts and I still think one of them should have almost 15 given your clues)
      #3 Michigan, Clare (1981) (Linda has a point with this Horse Progress Day – the pictures I found on this blog have similar photos, especially looking at the colours of 2 of the photos…)

      I’m curious to know the answers 🙂

    21. Al in Ky

      Based on the additional clues, I’m going to take two more guesses.
      I think my number 2 and number 3 were correct (but I may be way off!). Therefore I think #1 must be in Pa.

      Second guess:
      1. Tyrone, Pa.
      2. Peoli, Ohio
      3. Clare, Michigan

      1. Janina

        I think so too! And if we are right on those and on PA, there aren’t many options left (none?). 🙂

        1. Well, no one has gotten it just right yet 🙂 I will be checking in and will let know if anyone hits it before the contest ends tonight.

          1. Janina

            There is one more option in PA if our number 2 and 3 are correct. So someone can figure this out and guess? Unless those two are incorrect as well. Also possible I guess? 🙂

            1. Al in Ky

              Like Janina, I think there’s only one option left for a PA. settlement for number one and I wish somebody would guess it,
              as well as adding what we think the correct guesses are for numbers
              2 and three.

    22. Al in Ky

      Third guess:

      1. Union City, Pa.
      2. Peoli, Ohio
      3. Clare, Michigan

      Erik — When you give us the correct answer, I’d be interested to
      know what the signage clue in # 1 was. I couldn’t figure it out.

      1. Sure thing Al, I will definitely explain the “sleuthing” required 🙂

    23. Emily

      Second try:
      1. Munfordville / Horsecave, KY
      2. Peoli/Port Washington, OH
      3. Clare, MI

    24. Emily

      And the more I stare at #2, the more those look like kid boxes, though I don’t know why they seem to be totally unmarked. So here’s my third guess!

      1. Munfordville / Horsecave, KY
      2. Salem, IN – “Swiss” community
      3. Clare, MI

    25. Naomi Wilson

      Here goes...

      Lots of sleuthing and these still seem like wild guesses:

      #1 Manton, MI zip code is 49663 as on sign, home to a group of more evangelistic, meetinghouse group

      #2 Swiss Amish, either Salem (1981, 2 districts) or Vevay, (1987, 3 districts) Indiana

      #3 Horse progress days, Mt Hope, OH Lakeville/Big prairie settlement formed in 1962

      1. Linda

        Maybe the numbers are from a zip code. I presumed they are from a partial street number. What if they’re from a telephone number? I appreciate Google but I can’t figure out what to google for the first picture.

        1. Linda you might be onto something regarding telephone number & the first photo.

          1. Janina

            That is what I was thinking, but I couldn’t figure out how to find it on google. 🙂

    26. Naomi Wilson


      #1 is J and J Country Shoppe, Munfordville, KY

      Yay Google!

      1. Al in Ky

        J and J Country Shoppe

        I had to make a quick trip to the Munfordville settlement a few
        days ago to several Amish stores in the western/Cub Run part of the
        settlement, so took a little more time and traveled over to the
        eastern part of the settlement (Rowletts area — south of Munfordville a few miles). I stopped at the J and J Country Shoppe. It appears to be an Amish-run store and is much bigger than it looks in the picture in this post. It is a rectangular building,rather than round or oval as it looks in the picture. Also, there is a large sign by the road, but I didn’t see on the roof the sign that is in this picture. The building seems to have several small rooms with lots of used items such as tools, housewares, etc., as well as some new items. One room was full of new Amish clothes for all ages. Quite an eclectic collection.

        I saw a sign for the R and S Grocery and Bakery which was down the
        road from J and J a few miles, so I drove on down there — well worth the trip. It is a very large store with lots of salvage grocery items, bulk food, a large bakery with at least five women working, and a very busy section that sells bulk meats and cheeses.

        I’ve been to the Munfordville settlement at least 20 times, but somehow had missed these stores in the eastern part. I think anyone who wants to visit the Munfordville Amish settlement needs to go to these two stores (and there may be more) in the eastern part as well as the good Amish stores in the western part.

        1. Tom Geist

          Al in Ky, I completely agree!

          When I stopped at the J&J store they had a few things I might have gotten just because (at that time anyway) they were well priced but I had a small car and was still heading out on vacation so needed to save room. The owner told me that they do not use buggies much in the area, mainly because of the crazy traffic.

          The R & S store really threw me. First of all, from the front I didn’t think it was as big as it really is. It’s huge compared to other Amish grocery stores I have been to. The other thing that threw me was that the Amish girl checking me out didn’t seem to know any other Amish business’s in the area. She was probably 15 and she claimed she grew up in that area, so that was odd.

          Another place to go there is “Detweiler Country Store.” Several business’s all rolled into one.

          Tom in Lincoln

    27. Naomi Wilson

      Maybe #3 is Peoli, OH, a shorter drive for that PA license plate.

      1. Tom Geist


        I looked up the license plates for last year, assuming the picture was from then. I only see a couple of state plates that look kind of like the one in the picture. My sight might not be the best, but I thought it looked more like a Michigan plate.


    28. Linda

      Way to go, detective Naomi, for finding #1! Whatever did you google?

      #1 – Munfordville, KY, formed 1989, 14 districts

      #2 – Has to be in IN or Ohio in the 1960s., no license plates, no SMVs, different than Emily’s guess, which means either Hamilton, IN or Milroy, IN, in the 1960s. I’ll try Hamilton, IN for my last guess.

      #3 – Clare, MI, formed 1981, 4 districts. I think it is indeed a Michigan license plate.

      1. Janina

        Way to go on number 1, Naomi!

        I guess our number 2 and 3 can’t be correct anymore, as in that case all three had already been named before Erik’s clue?

      2. Linda has gotten it! I just posted an explanation of the answers here: