On a recent post reader Jim S commented: “Would love to read a more in-depth treatment of the Amish.” Jim Cates and Rich Stevick replied with some good suggestions.

I’d like to chime in as well. The past few months, I’ve been building a huge guide to my favorite non-fiction books on the Amish (also linked at “Good Books” up there on the right in the main menu).

On the list you’ll find 27 books in 9 categories, including Amish Spirituality, States & Settlements, and Personal Stories.

I share a bit about each book and why it made the list (ended up writing nearly 7,000 words).amish-reading-list

As I explain on that page, these certainly aren’t the only great titles on the Amish.

That’s why I’ve included an “Others” section at the end of each category. What are “Others”?

These are either books I haven’t read yet, or ones I would recommend reading after the first picks. Including these, there are over 50 Amish-related non-fiction books on the list.

Good Books on the Amish

Since this website launched in 2006, we’ve featured dozens of book giveaways and author interviews. I’ve learned many people want to know about good written material on the Amish…or having read some titles, what other good books are out there.

So I hope this will be a useful resource for anyone looking for factual and interesting reading on the Amish.

Note: I’ve included Amazon purchase links for most of the books. At no additional cost to you, I’ll receive a portion of the sale price from Amazon if you decide to buy through these links. Thanks!

View the full list here.

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