Contributor Tom Geist recently shared his visit to South Dakota’s only Amish community.  It was a nice post but a little short on images.  Today, the photos.

Hutchinson County contains a grand total of 7,187 people (as of 2012), spread over 814 square miles, or just under 9 people per square mile.  By comparison, similarly-sized Lancaster County, PA has about 535 people per square mile.

As is the norm in the Dakotas, unemployment in Hutchinson County is a meager 3.7%.  The nearest city of size is Sioux Falls, about an hour northeast.  So there might not be much around, but there’s work if you want it.  And for over 3 years now, there have been a handful of Amish in the county.

These photos were taken by dashboard cam, which explains the wide, slightly fish-eyed view. You’ll see photos from the countryside and a few of the farms that Tom visited.  All comments that follow are Tom’s.

Just a sign that tell you you are now in Amish Country! OK, ok, it could mean you are in Old Order Mennonite Country as well… but I digress.


It’s always a good sign that you are on the right track to finding some Amish when you see buggy tracks.


Shots leading up to the Amish store that I sent you the single picture of the other day (the arrow sign).


A large barn with guard ducks. Emoji


The 2nd Amish house I went to, in order to meet the woman that writes for Die Botschaft, one of the Amish newspapers.


The white containers that are used for baby animals.

front-porch-amish-sdThanks to Tom for sharing.


Amish-made cheese

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