When I saw “graffiti” in the title of the email, I imagined spray-painted epithets, possibly the work of ne’er-do-wells with an axe to grind against the Amish.

Bench Wagon Adams County Indiana Amish

By the looks of things, the etchings in these photos from contributor ShipshewanaIndiana appear to be the work of young boys, perhaps killing time after a church service.

I can’t quite make everything out in the images–in the first one we clearly have a “Joseph” and a “Samuel”, but not sure who’s/what’s in the middle.

Amish Graffiti

In the second photo, I can’t tell what’s on top, but looks like a baseball/softball player did the one on the bottom.

Amish Wagon Etchings

The oversized wagons used to transport benches are one of the few collectively-owned items in Amish churches. Maybe that means anyone gets to carve something if they like 🙂

Just a little slice of life from the Amish community of Adams County, Indiana.

Amish-made cheese

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