Mark Curtis has come up with a little language quiz for us, testing knowledge of some Pennsylvania Dutch kitchen terms. Each of the words below has something to do with the kitchen, food, or cooking.

Pennsylvania Dutch KitchenThis is the first half of a set of 25 words. I know we’ve got some PA Dutch speakers here. I am not one of them, but took a crack at some of these anyway. I can proudly say I got a grand total of TWO of this batch correct (#1 and #4). Top that, folks.

Even though Pennsylvania Dutch is generally not used as a written language, there are different ways to write it if you want to. Mark says these words are spelled phonetically. Any guesses?

Pennsylvania Dutch Kitchen Terms Quiz

  1. bakka offa
  2. gavel
  3. messer
  4. leffel
  5. schaefli
  6. dellah
  7. schissli
  8. droke
  9. groanah
  10. schepper
  11. kich disch
  12. keel shonk

If you’d like to try a food quiz in English, Mark has also given us the mystery supper quiz.

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