Amish people are no longer just the subjects of television programs–now they’re beginning to fill in the commercial breaks.

A Colorado-based bank is running a series of three 15-second ads featuring an “Amish” spokesman promoting a smartphone app.

The point of the spots is that banking-by-phone is so easy, even the technology-fearing Amish could do it. As you can see in the clips below, they play off of a crude stereotype that doesn’t really hold water, of the Amish being technologically ignorant.

That aside, my layman’s take is that they are probably going to be effective ads. I also think they may be getting extra bang for their buck with this concept (intended or not) since the Amish are generally perceived as good with money.

This first ad is called “Elders”.  In it, the “magic box” makes checking easier. But if you’re Amish, you may have to cover your tracks.

This one is called “Rules”. Keep your distance from this sorcery.

And the last is “Manure Bill”. Is this the best of the lot, or just the silliest?

By the way, I probably don’t need to mention that Amish people have a sense of humor too. Some even poke a little fun at their own tech limitations.

What do you think – are these ads funny or offensive – or neither?

And that aside, do they “work”?

Amish-made cheese

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