Favorite Posts of 2018

So another year wraps up. I hope yours was a blessed one. As the year winds down, the tradition here is to look back at favorite posts of the previous 12 months. I hope you enjoy these if you missed them the first time around.

Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2019, and thanks to everyone who visited, commented, and shared what we do here over the past year. I’m grateful for your support. Hope to see you around here in the coming year ~ Erik 🙂

Amish Homes

Inside A Missouri Amish Home (25 Photos)
6 Amish Farms Where You Can Stay as a Guest (Lancaster County)
Amish Home Tour (Jamesport, Missouri)
10 Unexpected Things I Saw in an Amish Home (20 Photos)


10 Unusual Amish Communities
The Amish of Andover, Ohio (15 Photos)
The Amish of West Plains, Missouri (26 Photos)
Vermont Amish Update
Sunday Afternoon in Ashland County, Ohio (10 Photos)
5 Things to do at Ethridge, Tennessee
Amish in Manitoba (14 Photos)
A Summer Visit to Holmes County, Ohio (21 Photos)
Amish in Lagrange County, Indiana (16 Photos)
The 12 Southern States with Amish Communities
The 4 Western States with Amish Communities
The 4 Northeastern States with Amish Communities
The 11 Midwestern States with Amish Communities

Amish Businesses

Amish Women in Furniture Making (14 Photos)
The Mission General Store (St. Ignatius, Montana)
A Visit to Gordonville Bookstore (Lancaster County)
A Visit to BB’s Grocery Outlet (Lancaster County)
Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen (Middlefield, Ohio)
Inside an Amish Noodle Business (Jamesport, Missouri)
A Visit To Glick’s Natural Products (Lancaster County)

Amish Beliefs

600 Amish & Mennonites Help Rebuild Houston
17 Questions for Anabaptist Seekers
Emma Gingerich on Leaving the Swartzentruber Amish (Video)
5 Things I Like About Being Amish (Gloria Yoder)
Amish in Australia?
Wisconsin Amish Family Forgives Hit-and-Run Driver
“When Tomorrow Starts Without Me”
A Visit With The Weaver Family Of Morris, New York

Amish Life

4 Reasons Why Amish Stay Healthy in Old Age
Amish Life in Winter: Q-and-A with Marie Graber (31 Photos)
A Day in the Life of an Amish Woman
3 Life Lessons From the Amish
Meet Amish EMT Sisters Miriam & Karen Schlabach


PA Court: Amish Family Must Connect To Electric Sewer System
Will Low Milk Prices Force Amish Out Of Dairying?
Amish Salve-Maker Denied Appeal, Will Remain in Prison
Amish Firefighters & EMTs Using Motorized Scooters
Amish Midwives Face Felony Charges For Illegally Practicing Medicine
Amish Heritage Foundation Challenges Wisconsin v. Yoder
Amish PAC Returns For 2018 Election
Why Are Four Swartzentruber Amishmen Suing Minnesota?

Amish Food

What is Amish Funeral Pie?
Eat A Meal in a New York Amish Home
A Special Amish Thanksgiving Supper
6 Common Amish Canned Goods
Morning Milk

Buggies & Buggy Safety

6 Things You Might Not Know About Buggy Accidents
Multiple Communities Face Amish Buggy Road Damage
Wisconsin Amish Agree To Add Buggy Lighting
Buggy Accidents Continue Happening Too Often
8 Tips To Help Reduce Buggy Accidents
Amish Family With Special Needs Children To Get State Funds For Custom Buggy

Amish Books & Publications

Mark Louden on Pennsylvania Dutch: The Story of an American Language
Lovina Eicher Answers Your Questions (Essential Amish Cookbook)
Donald Kraybill on Simply Amish
4 Books You’ll Find in Lancaster Amish Homes
Kim Osterholzer Answers Your Questions (A Midwife in Amish Country)
3 Amish Columnists You Might Enjoy

Fun Stuff

Amish Toddlers “Play Church” (Video)
40 Life-Sized Amish Wax Figures For Sale
Is this Air-Conditioned Buggy Real?
Corner Ball – Traditional Game of Amish and Old Order Mennonites (15 Photos)
Michigan Man Starts “Amish Uber” Service
5 Mystery Photos – Autumn Amish Road Trip

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    1. City Slicker



      First, our best wishes to you for a Happy, Healthy,and Successful New Year!

      But most of all, thanks to you for all you do on behalf of all the Readers of “Amish America”. It is much appreciated.

      1. Thank you CS! The appreciation goes both ways. Happy 2019!

    2. Thanks


      Living among the Amish community all my life this site has opened up more avenues as to how we can understand this unique culture!! Really appreciate your hatt shaffa!!

      1. Glad to hear that Jason. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

    3. Tim

      Happy New Year!!!

      Happy New Year Erik, and All.
      Thank you for all you do through out the year! I check Amish America daily.
      I noticed in the picture of the bookstore, your book Success Made Simple. It was a great read that I highly recommend to anyone who has not read it yet.
      Thanks again!

      1. Thank you Tim! I get a kick out of that photo, was happy to see the book still on the shelves of this shop 🙂 I appreciate the endorsement! Happy 2019.

    4. Maureen

      Happy New Year 2019!

      Having worked “for” Amish in Counties throughout upstate New York, it is a pleasure to read your Amish America, and look forward to the replies to your posts from us readers.

      My aim is to respond more to these posts, as presently I have a bit more time.

      Thank you for continuing to educate us all on the Amish culture. Through my experiences along with Amish America, and your readers – understanding and acceptance, toleration and genuine friendship happens!

      Godspeed and many blessings throughout this New Year,

      1. Maureen, many thanks, and will be happy to hear from you here if and when you have the time and inkling to post. You’ve also got me curious how you worked with the Amish in NY 🙂