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A typical Amish home in Adams County, Indiana

The photos below show some typical items used in the Adams County, Indiana Amish community.  The Amish of Adams County are considered “lower” or more traditional than many other groups.  These photos were taken in a local shop.

This first photo shows a common style of oil lamp, the form of lighting used in this community.  Our contributor notes that pink is also a common color in Adams County Amish homes.

Oil Lamps Amish

These are oil lamp reflectors.  Our photographer shares that aluminum foil is a popular homemade reflector in the community.

Oil Lamp Reflectors

Typical bowls used by Amish in this and other communities.  Wide bowls like these are more practical than plates, containing solids and liquids equally well.  The material here is likely melamine, a durable plastic popular for tableware in the 1950s and 1960s, but which lost popularity due to its tendency to show scratches and stains.

Amish Bowls

Hickory rocker seat cushions and backrests.  You’ll find hard chairs and benches in this community, while in “higher” Amish communities you may sit on La-Z-Boy recliners and upholstered sofas.

Hickory rockers tend to be popular in more traditional communities, and can be seen in this photo from a Swartzentruber Amish home, as well as in this Pennsylvania Swiss Amish home.  In Adams County, “black and blue fabric are the local colors of choice”.

Hickory Rocker Cushions

Black bonnet for sale.  The price tag is a little difficult to make out but looks like it reads $11 or $11-something.  Apparently only black is allowed for head coverings in the Adams County community, no white.

Black Bonnets Amish

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