You’ve heard of the Amish barn raising–but what about the Amish “barn moving”?

Not only do Amish work together to put up a barn in short order, sometimes they team up to literally pick up and move a structure. And there are a handful of videos on Youtube showing this in action.

First, from Wisconsin. The video maker writes:

This took place in rural Dalton, Wisconsin. An Amish man assembled a couple hundred neighbors to move his pole shed from one area of his farm to another. As word spread it became a sort of event and quite a few spectators turned out. This was the first time anything like this had been attempted in this settlement. Once the building was lifted it took maybe five minutes to actually move.

Pretty neat to see all those feet moving down below…at one point in the video it looks like a giant barn-centipede.

Next, a similar endeavor out of Jasper, New York, which the video poster describes as “200 Amish men carrying a barn to a new foundation”. This one was shot at greater distance, but you can still make out the rounded structure creeping forward.

The two conclusions I draw after watching: 1) Why pay a building mover if you can just get friends and family to lend a hand?  2) You’re going to need a couple hundred of those friends and family (that’s when it helps to be Amish!).

Amish-made cheese

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