A reader just shared this delightful video of Amish schoolchildren singing for the Ohio House of Representatives in November.

In the video you’ll see and hear Marvin Wengerd speaking on behalf of the Amish. Before singing begins, Marvin holds up a 2015 Ohio Amish Directory and addresses the House:

“On behalf of the 32,262 people, Amish people in this directory, we want to thank you for allowing us to live in your great state–or in our state, and protecting our liberties, and we want to honor you, by obeying the laws that you make. We want to support you by working hard and being honest, and paying our taxes. And we want to bless you this afternoon with a song and pray that God would assist you, and give you wisdom, give you a love for all Ohioans, and bless you for your selfless service to mankind.”

I am going to hazard a guess that this is the same Marvin Wengerd of Carlisle Printing which publishes the directory (UPDATE: A reader writes that Marvin is actually of Carlisle Publishing, and his brother Marcus is of next-door company Carlisle Printing).

The schoolchildren are from the Walnut Creek Valley School and are a New Order Amish affiliation. They are accompanied by Representative Al Landis of Ohio’s 98th district.

The singing is beautiful, and of course the context is interesting. While Amish and politicians make uncommon bedfellows, Amish know that maintaining good relations with the powers of the state can pay dividends when push comes to shove on matters of importance to them.

That’s not to doubt the sincerity of their good wishes to the Legislature, just a possible explanation for why we see Amish people singing in such an atypical and high-profile setting.

If you liked what you heard, you might also enjoy this video of New Order Amish girls singing “City of Light”.

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