South Dakota Amish Community

South Dakota has had a spot on the Amish map since 2010, when a handful of families from Wisconsin settled near Tripp in Hutchinson County. One of our contributors, Tom Geist, recently shared a little on his visit to the Tripp Amish community. Tom writes:

I was lucky enough to travel to Tripp, South Dakota on March 12th 2014. They now have 9 families there, as they just got a new one recently.

In talking with the Bishop he says the group was pretty well welcomed to the community. The only brouhaha mentioned by the Bishop was when one or two locals didn’t like the horse droppings left behind. Most people did not have any problem with it.

I found the Bishop and his wife, and a couple other Amish families open and very nice. It would be fun to go back up sometime when I would have more time to spend (and when everything is green).

This community was founded by Amish from the Tomah, Wisconsin community. One reason was a desire for more space. My guess, going by Tom’s photo, is that they found the space they were after.

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Hutchinson County is in the southeast corner of the state. The nearest Amish settlement to Tripp is about an hour away, in northeastern Nebraska.


This single South Dakota community is one of the more remote places Amish have settled. Like Amish in Texas, Montana, and other far-flung settlements, some just like it better off the beaten path.


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