Last year we heard about Amish planning to move to a fourth Canadian province, Manitoba. Reader Urs Christen recently paid a visit to this small community and shares photos and a brief account.

Urs was not able to visit businesses as it was a Sunday, but you can see there are at least one or two baked goods places there.

This community is located in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn. Urs says that he saw about eight homes and that there are more. Sounds like they are off to a good start.

According to the article linked above, the Amish here came from Ontario, and estimates were that about 100 Amish may settle the area.

This location is pretty remote for the Amish. It’s the westernmost area settled in Canada, with the nearest settlements being about a two-hour drive away in Minnesota.

Sheep farm.

Urs adds that the area “has some open fields but lots of bush and rocks. They will have some work on their hands, that is for sure,” and that “there are some swampy areas too, but this year like last year was a dry year.”

It’s not uncommon that Amish move to areas that need improvement. Land is cheaper and through industriousness they can transform it into more productive acreage.

Looks like there is a good bit of construction happening, as you’d expect.


Looks like the horses have plenty of room to roam.

And a few buggies.

Thanks to Urs for the peek at this fledgling settlement in Canada’s Keystone Province.

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