The Amish In Manitoba (14 Photos)

Last year we heard about Amish planning to move to a fourth Canadian province, Manitoba. Reader Urs Christen recently paid a visit to this small community and shares photos and a brief account.

Urs was not able to visit businesses as it was a Sunday, but you can see there are at least one or two baked goods places there.

This community is located in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn. Urs says that he saw about eight homes and that there are more. Sounds like they are off to a good start.

According to the article linked above, the Amish here came from Ontario, and estimates were that about 100 Amish may settle the area.

This location is pretty remote for the Amish. It’s the westernmost area settled in Canada, with the nearest settlements being about a two-hour drive away in Minnesota.

Sheep farm.

Urs adds that the area “has some open fields but lots of bush and rocks. They will have some work on their hands, that is for sure,” and that “there are some swampy areas too, but this year like last year was a dry year.”

It’s not uncommon that Amish move to areas that need improvement. Land is cheaper and through industriousness they can transform it into more productive acreage.

Looks like there is a good bit of construction happening, as you’d expect.


Looks like the horses have plenty of room to roam.

And a few buggies.

Thanks to Urs for the peek at this fledgling settlement in Canada’s Keystone Province.

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    1. andreas Ost

      Sunday closed

      Does not effect me personally but I have wondered why the various brethren groups conform & adhere to the Roman Catholic policy of violating scripture by denying & defiling the Sabbath & instead use Sunday for worship? Isn’t that imitating the ungodly? Some Protestant groups do keep the Sabbath, as God ordained. The Bible is very clear, that Saturday is the Sabbath.

      1. Sabbath

        The Bible is very clear in multiple places that the true Sabbath is Saturday, not Sunday.I have frequently heard misinformed but sincere Christians say, “the Bible says that the,”ordinances were nailed to the cross””, meaning that we no longer,after Jesus was crucified,need to keep the commandments. So if this is the case why were the apostles still keeping the 7th day Sabbath after Christ died? The only ordinances that were nailedd, meaning, ended, were the SACRIFICIAl LAWS made by Moses. They were no longer needed as Christ WAS the sacrifice.No where in the Bible does it say the 7th day Sabbath was changed to Sunday. It DOES warn us that it would happen though in Daniel 7:25 that, “they will think to change TIMES AND LAWS”. That being said, there will be many sincere Sunday keeping Christians in the Kingdom because they did not know better and they served God the best they knew how.

    2. A reader

      What has that got to do with the Amish in Manitoba? Or anywhere else?

      1. Alex Knisely

        Rabid Sabbatarianism

        Really this site should post trigger warnings when signs reading “NO SUNDAY SALES” are shown. Guaranteed de-railer for some.

        1. You might be right Alex, thought it would be a lot of trigger warnings given the number of No Sunday Sales images on this site 🙂

          Andreas, if you’d like to see previous discussion, there are several places where people have discussed this elsewhere on the site which you might find of interest, including here:

          1. andreas


            read article. It was contradictory. they it uses word “Sabbath” then refer to it as Sunday. I know many Amish & other Old Order etc. they are good, seemingly pious folks. But are they that lacking in their understanding of the Bible & even the English language? Or is it still fear of the Roman Catholic Church? either way it is unfortunate that they can not understand or adhere to Biblical law and standards. Others can & do.

    3. Al in Ky

      Thanks. I’m always interested in seeing pictures of new settlements in new areas.

      1. Glad you liked it Al! Not 100% sure but we might have a few more from this area upcoming.

    4. With a two hour ride to town I imagine they are pretty self sufficient. Seems like the perfect way to get back to their roots.

      Thanks for sharing.

    5. Declan

      Were there not Amosh settled in the Gladstone area a few years ago? They had some media trouble and seem to have disappeared. This colony at Stuartburn is not the first nor the furthest west as you then claim.

      1. By multiple accounts the Gladstone area people were/are Old Order Mennonites. Also horse and buggy people, but not Amish. Not sure of their current status in the province. Some more on them at these threads:

        1. Urs

          What I know is that the Horse and Buggy Mennonites in the Gladestone area are still there.

    6. are you certain?

      There are a couple of Orthodox Mennonite settlements in Manitoba, and their Ordnung is very similar to Amish rules & appearance. Orthodox Mennonites have beards and unique bowl cuts like the Amish. The women wear plain colours only, and no tractors are allowed in their farming at all. Those in Manitoba are related to Mennonite districts in Huron County, Ontario. Maybe this is what the photographer got photos from? Just asking.

      1. Urs

        Hi Mark there is only one Orthodox Mennonite settlement and that is in the Gladestone area, the Amish settled in the RM of Stuartburn were I took those pics. Here is an article

        There are Mennonite settlements in Manitoba but they came from Russia and the Ukrain in the 1870s to 1930s and some time later.

    7. Many thanks

      I appreciate your efforts to put out a good and interesting newsletter. I enjoy reading it and pray GOD’s blessings on you.

    8. Patty Tolliver

      The Amish in Manitoba

      I was happy to hear that they have moved to Manitoba. It seems like things are working out for them.The discussion on the Sabbath was interesting as well.

    9. Kathleen

      Art for you

      Urs, I’m not sure if this appeals to you or not, but I have a painting of Amish Hats and would like it to go to a good home.