Gloria Yoder is an Amish mother from Illinois who writes the Amish Cook column (previously penned by Lovina Eicher). Gloria was recently asked by a reader “What five things do you enjoy the most about the Amish way of life?”, and in this week’s column, she answers.

Gloria starts with a couple of important disclaimers:

First, I will insert that there really are more different types of Amish that I could count and not all Amish are alike. Second, just because I have come to love our culture, I do not view it better than all others. May you all be blessed as you seek God where He calls you.

On the “different types of Amish” point, Gloria herself is a member of a New Order Amish church. Her second point is something I have heard expressed by Amish in various forms on many occasions, reflecting a customary humility.

After these preliminaries Gloria offers her five things. Here they are, summarized:

1. Knowing Jesus Christ – First and foremost Gloria is grateful that she has been taught about Jesus Christ the Savior. As she writes, “Only because of his death and resurrection are we washed free from all sin and guilt and have a connection with God as our father. This alone gives us joy and peace regardless of what we face.”

2. A Quieter Life – No TV, social media, or other electronic gadgets means a source of noise and distraction is eliminated right off the bat. In turn Gloria more readily appreciates things like her husband singing to the baby and the crackling of the fireplace.

3. Horse-and-buggy Lifestyle – Going to church on Sunday morning by buggy is a highlight, and no cars means more time together staying at home.

4. Lower Expenses – Overall expenses are lower – no automobile expenses or college educations to fund.  This lets her be a stay-at-home mom for her five children. Gloria adds however, “we are deeply grateful for those of you who have a college degree allowing you to be doctors and many pursue many other careers that are a tremendous blessing for us plain people!”

5. Home Arts Heritage – That’s my term, for what Gloria describes as an appreciation for “what has been handed down to me in that of being taught how to cook, bake, clean, garden, sew and other essential things around the house.”

Gloria notes however that she’s not “the perfect cook or have all the information about housekeeping.”

What do you think about Gloria’s choices? I think most of these are available to those of us who want them…but not all of those who want them, actually make them a part of their lives.

Hit the link above to check out the full column, which also includes Gloria’s recipe for “Amish Stuff Casserole”.

Photo credit: ShipshewanaIndiana

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