We’re officially into winter. And this is the time of year that families are cracking into those canned items they worked hard to prepare when the weather was warmer and fresh fruit and veggies were plentiful.

On my recent Amish trip I had the good fortune to bring back a Christmas basket of canned goods as a present for the family. I thought I’d share that haul with you.

Here are six common items you’re likely to find in Amish pantries and basements (like this one). Let’s start with red beets:

I sampled these at my friends’ home, they were just delicious. Beets are one typical item eaten by Amish at church meals.

And so are pickles:

Ever had zucchini relish?

Amish of course can fruit as well. How about some peaches:

And that classic favorite, apple butter:

Apple butter vs. apple sauce? I guess apple butter would be considered more like a condiment, since you usually spread it on something. Apple sauce is ubiquitous in Amish homes and commonly shows up to accompany lunches and dinners.

Finally, some salsa:

I enjoyed this with some tortilla chips as a late-night snack one evening along with a random mix of cheeses and sausage sticks and cereal and whatever else I could find in my friends’ fridge. It had a nice spicy kick, not too strong and not too mild.

This is a reminder that Amish don’t just eat a typical “Pennsylvania Dutch” diet of pork and noodles, but in their home cooking have incorporated cuisine from various other sources, such as Mexican and Italian traditions. In many cases these dishes have become just about as “Amish” a meal as those PA Dutch classics.

What’s your favorite canned good?

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