Do the plainest Amish shun tourists, as you might suppose? Not in the case of the Amish at Ethridge, Tennessee.

Mary Hance details her visit to the comunity at Ethridge in a recent article for the Tennessean.

This is an interesting community as it is one of the most traditional, but also rather tourist-friendly.

This Swartzentruber Amish settlement has many farms and a lot of them also have small businesses attached and/or sell their produce, baked goods and other food items.

Here are 5 things you can do if you visit this community:

1. Visit Amish businesses – There are over 50 which you can find on the map given out at the Amish Welcome Center. This is everything from furniture to baskets to caskets to all variety of foods. Or, just drive around the area and stop in at farms. The characteristic white board signs make it easy to know what’s up for sale at each place.

Photo by Don Burke

2. Take a wagon tour – I have not done this, but recall seeing these massive wagons on my visit to the community, pulled by a pair of draft horses. The Amish Welcome Center is one place to find out about these tours. The cost is $10/person, cheaper for kids. There are apparently other tour businesses as well.

ethridge amish tour

3. Try some Amish food – As with other places, your mileage may vary. Mary really liked the fried pies but not the breads bought at one Amish farm.

4. Lunch options – Get a bite at one of the local places. The article recommends a BBQ place and burgers and sandwiches from a local gas station.

amish homestead cafe ethridge

5. Plowboy Produce Auction  – This Amish-heavy auction runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It “starts at 1pm and ends when the produce is gone.” Auctions are fun opportunities to mingle with Amish sellers and attendees in a lively atmosphere. The address is:

Plowboy Produce Auction
469 S Brace Rd
Ethridge, TN 38456
(931) 829-1114

For more on this community, you can read my 2010 post on my visit to Ethridge, or Don Burke’s photo tour of the settlement.

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